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Hi and welcome to cardsarus blog spot My name is Jenny Lawrence and I live in Kent. I am married to Tony, my dear and wonderful hubby. We have been married for 34 years. I lost my first Husband to the big C when I was quite young. I have 3 children and 3 stepchildren. 12 Grandchildren and 3 Little Great Granddaughters and a Great Grandson. I have been card making for about 17years. I have made things all my life as my Mum and Grand Mother taught me lots of hobbies. I have made my own clothes, knitted garments, hand embroidered items of clothing, and crocheted items too. I love to bake my own cakes as well.




Hi and welcome to my blog my craft loving
friends and visitors.
Thank you for all the comments on the 
Here is the pattern for those of you that wanted
it. I'm no pattern expert so I do hope you can understand my ramblings.

With double knitting wool and a crochet hook
make 15 chain sts.
Join the chain together.
1st Row.
Make 3 triple crochet sts and 4 chain sts between
each of the 3 triple crochet sts. Continue like
this till you have 8 sets of these in the circle.
2nd Row.
Make 3 triple crochet sts into where you have
the chan, then 4 chain sts, and 3 more triple
crochet sts all in the same hole.
Carry on like this till you have gone right 
3rd Row.
Into the chain of the last row, make 8 triple
crochet sts then do  one double crochet st
between these and  this gives you the
scolloped edge.
Now when you look at your finished circle
it looks like a lovely doily or flower.

Fold in half so you have 2 scollops either

 Put your pipe cleaner round and twist 
for the antenna. I then added a couple of gems.
These are the finished Butterfly Fridge Magnets.

I do hope you can follow my poor tutorial
of this.

You can buy the fridge magnets HERE

Thank you for you visit and time.
I hope you have a really great crafty day.
Lots of crafty love. JENNY.


Mia said...

Beautiful! I will definitely try it! What a clever idea, Jenny! Kisses, my friend.