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Hi and welcome to cardsarus blog spot My name is Jenny Lawrence and I live in Kent. My dear and wonderful husband Tony passed away in March 2019 We had been married for 36 years. I also lost my first Husband to the big C when I was quite young. I have 3 children and 3 stepchildren. 12 Grandchildren and 4 Great Granddaughters and 2 Great Grandsons. I have been card making for about 25 years. I have made things all my life as my Mum and Grand Mother taught me lots of hobbies. I have made my own clothes, knitted garments, hand embroidered items of clothing, and crocheted items too. I love to bake my own cakes as well.


Hi and welcome her are
some Albums I have made.

Here goes the first is a Graphic 45 Album I made for my Daughter's 50th Birthday.

  Front Cover

 Spine of the Album

 Back Cover

 The Ribbon closing it.

 Front inside cover sorry about the clip holding it open it just wouldn't stay open to photograph.

 Front of 1st page I made it a waterfall with pictures of my Daughter when she was young.

 Back of 1st page.

 Front of 2nd page.

 Pull out picture mount on page 2.

 Back of page 2.This opens up to reveal the next part.

 Pictures slot inside.

 My Daughter and her fiance.

 Front of 3rd page.

 Back of 3rd page which pulls out like this.

 This opens up to reveal the next part.
 with pictures on both sides.

 The other side of the pull out page.

 Front of page 4 picture of my Granddaughter when she was a child and another side slot for a picture.

 Back of page 4.
The picture to the left is my Granddaughter, and her family.
The picture in the pocket to the right is me my Dad and my 2 sisters celebrating my Dad's 90th Birthday.
I am the one in the white blouse.

Sadly my Dad passed away 3 years later.

 Front of page 5 which opens up like the next photo.

 There is also a picture mount slotted in between the page.

 Back of page 5 which has picture mounts slotted into the page as shown in the next picture.

 This is it opened.

Excuse my thumb in the picture it was the only way to take the picture.

 This is it opening up.

 Last picture of back cover with a folder of Great Grand Parents.

This was a blank Heartfelt Creations Album in Kraft colour.
One thing I soon learnt as this was my first such album actually after I did the first page.
Reinforce your pages as they bend with all the flip outs and such.


8"X6"and three quaters.

Here is an Album I made from scratch for my Daughter in Law's 50th Birthday.


Front Cover


Spine of Album
Veiw of the Ribbon Closer.


Back Cover.
Back of Front Cover.


Front of first page with a waterfall feature.
Back of First Page.
This is the back of  first page and how it opens up.

Front of Second page.
Back of Second Page.
     Third Page.

Front of Third Page Opens Like This.

    This is the back of that pull out.

  Back of Page Three.
      Which Opens Up Like This.
   Page Four.
   Page Four Opens Up Like This.
   Back Of Page Four.

   Page Five.
   Which Opens Up Like This.


   Back of Page Five.
   Which Opens up Like This.
   And This.
    Front of Page Six.
     Back of Page Six.
   Which Opens Up Like This And


      Front of Back Cover.

Papers used were Paper Boutique Bumbblebee's Dance and Tattered Lace card stock. 

Forgot to photograph the  photo mounts in the top of each page which you can just see at the top of the Album in some of the photos.



A 6"x6" Baby Girl Album.

 Front Cover.

Spine of Book.

Other side of Front Cover.

Which open like this with a magnet closure.

Front of First Page
Acetate Photo Frame.

Back of First Page.
A pocket with photo matt.
2nd Page.
 Which Opens up like this, and is the front.

Right hand side of expanding card.

The other side of expanding card.

The end that I couldn't get in one photo.

Back of page 2.

Which opens like this.

Page 3 photo pocket with a opening card for photos like below.

Inside the photo matt card.

Each page has a photo matt either on the side or on the top of the page.

Back of 3rd page a photo pocket with another card inside the pocket.

Front of 4th page another acetate frame for a photo.

Back of 4th page.

Which opens up like this.

Inside back cover.

Back cover.
This is a 6"x6" size album made from the Tonic Book Die, and the papers were all from the Joanna Sheen's Baby Love CD.
I just wish I could video this as it would show the interactive parts better.
Maybe one day I will learn how to do this.


Front Cover.

Front Cover with Ribbon done up.

Inside Front Part.

Inside Back Part.

Back Cover.


I added some slanted pockets to put some photos in.

On the centre page I made a flip file for more storage.

 Then on the back of that I made another storage with a magnetic closure.


This is a 8"x8" size Accordian Book Album, and Box I made to fit it.


This is a 7"x6" size Album.
Paper used are Graphic 45 and Pnk Gem ones.


This is 8"x7" in size.
I covered all the white pages with auqua paper, and the used Peacock Feathers DI to ink the edges and pages of the book.


Next here is a small book I made.

This book is just over 3"x3" for the cover, and the pages are 3"x3".


This is a Baby Book Album and Box I made.

This is just under 6"x6" in size.


I didn't use any book temeplates to make this just large letter templates to make the letters used.

Sorry it's a bit picture heavy.
 Front Cover

1st and 2nd pages.
 Middle Pages.
 5th and 6th pages.
 Top pockets with picture mounts in between pages 2 and 3 and also 4 and 5.
 Back of Album.

Box I made to fit the Album.

This is a 7"x7" size small album and box I made to fit it.
 I made it out of 3/ 7" size cards glued together to make the pages.
I used the Carnation Crafts Summer Daze dies and paper downloads to decorate it.
The inside pockets and corners are Tonic Dies. 
Picture matts I created pockets to slide pictures in and decorated with flowers and birds on both sides.
Thank you for your interest and I hope you liked them.
Lots of crafty love. JENNY.

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Poppyfield Card Crafts said...

oh my Jenny!! Your albums are fabulous, I love everyone, you have put so much thought and care into each one.... stunning!

June x