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Hi and welcome to cardsarus blog spot My name is Jenny Lawrence and I live in Kent. My dear and wonderful husband Tony passed away in March 2019 We had been married for 36 years. I also lost my first Husband to the big C when I was quite young. I have 3 children and 3 stepchildren. 12 Grandchildren and 5 Great Granddaughters and 3 Great Grandsons. I have been card making for about 25 years. I have made things all my life as my Mum and Grand Mother taught me lots of hobbies. I have made my own clothes, knitted garments, hand embroidered items of clothing, and crocheted items too. I love to bake my own cakes as well.

Saturday 6 April 2013


Good morning to all you talented blog friends and visitors.
I hope this weekend turns out to be a great for everyone of you.
THANK YOU for all your comments on my last creation.
I really do appreciate every comment that you make.

I am still having troubles with my mojo it's still doing this walk about thingy. lol.
I started a card a while back but can't seem to summon the ideas
to finish it off.
So I thought I would show you more of my sister's jewellery as
I think her work is just fabulous and worth showing.
She doesn't have the internet and is frightened of having it.
So I think it's my job to let you see her fabulous creations.

Click to enlarge.

Sorry about the picture as it was taken with my phone when I 
visited a while ago, and my hand shakes when I use my phone.
I must take my camera next time I visit.
Thank you again for taking the time out of your busy lives to
visit my blog and leave such fabulous comments.
I do hope you are all keeping well in this very cold spell we are
Lots of crafty love.  JENNY.


Hazel said...

Good afternoon Jenny, some more beautiful jewellery of your sisters. She is very talented lady, and it is so kind of you to show it on your blog so we can all see it. Hope your mojo comes back soon just give it time. Hazel

Christine Harrop said...

I know what you mean Jenny. I had exactly the same problem after Christmas. I had taken a break over the holiday and then could not think of any ideas to make cards. It will return, never fear! Meanwhile, we are enjoying seeing your sister's beautiful creations. Absolutely gorgeous. Love from Christine xx

Sue said...

Hello my beautiful fairy godmother...your sister's work is stunning and I know how you feel about your mojo going mines always taking holidays! and forgetting to come back..but you and your family have had a very tough time just chill and take a breather then go back to it..if you need me you know where I am huggles hun xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Sue and big sloppy kisses from Ollie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sue said...

Your sisters jewellery is gorgeous Jenny, thank you for sharing it with us.
Take care of yourself, I am sure your mojo will return soon, it's probably hiding from the cold weather!
Hugs Sue xx

Carole Z said...

Good Morning Jenny, wow your sister is so talented, thank you for letting us see her amazing work! Our mojo's come and go, I've just had a week off and mine was the opposite - went into overdrive and I still got little done as there was too much going on in my head! But you have had a very stressful time of late, with so much to absorb, take care and let mr mojo relax and come back when 'he's' ready, sending hugs, Carole Z XXXXX

melanie said...

Your Sister`s jewellery is fantastic ,do`t worry about mojo it will be back I`m sure just take it easy ,the sun is back this may help .Melanie xx

Planetsusie said...

Hi Jenny - I love your sister's jewellery and I think it is lovely that you show it off for her. Great designs as well. These would go lovely at a Premiere!

Don't worry about your mojo - it will be back really soon, just give it a little time. In the meantime, take care of yourself.

Love Sue xxx

Rita said...

What stunning pieces Jenny. My first thought was a film star wearing them on a set. Fabulous. Hope you are feeling a little bit better. Hugs Rita xx

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Jenny, Your Sister's jewellery is stunning, I love it, she must have much patience to create these gorgeous pieces.
Lots of love and hugs for you, from Patricia xx

Unknown said...

Stunning and your sister is very clever...hope your mojo returns